Cottage Hill Farm

Moore Family

Angie, Denis and Steve, Marcie, Rick, Jo Anne and Stanley Moore raise Merino sheep and cattle on 2400 acres of pasture and 500 acres of hay on reclaimed coal land in Harrison County, Ohio.

Rolling hills at the 8th generation Moore Farm

       I met Stanley Moore and his wife Jo more that a decade ago when I was driving my daughter to her first year of college in Iowa. It was a Sunday and on that day of the week they always ride on horseback out over their farm delivering salt to their sheep and cattle. I remember as we crested a ridge my daughter asked Stanley if she could put her horse into a trot. Stanley looked over at me and when I smiled he said "sure" and off Josie went like a rocket.

        My heart was in my throat as we rode off in pursuit, expecting to find her splayed on the ground at the bottom of the ridge. But to my great relief and admiration, there she was sitting her horse down in the cattle pasture. Since then Stanley and his children and grandchildren have worked to supply Peace Fleece with some very beautiful wool and we have developed what I believe is a mutual respect and admiration. For eight generations the Moore family has worked in cooperation rather than conflict with both the original native Americans and the ever changing agricultural environment and won many awards for its effort. We are proud to have Cottage Hill wool as part of Peace Fleece.