Luba's Russian Felted Farm Friends

Farm girl w. kitty in basket.
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   Luba and her family have been our close friends in Russia for almost two decades. Since we first met in 1989, she and her husband Sasha opened their home to us and it was through their eyes and those of their extended family that we slowly began to learn about the complexities of Russian society and family life.

   Luba's mother Tatiana and father Vascili always lived close by in an apartment in the south of Moscow and not a day would go by without a visit or a phone call. Two years ago both her mother and father's health failed and Luba and her brother Ivan began spending nights with them. When her father died last spring her mother sank into a deep depression. The only place her mother found any comfort was at their remote dacha several hours south of Moscow. So early last summer Luba packed the tomato plants she had grown on her Moscow balcony and headed to the country with her mother.

      For many years Tatania would make hand made socks for us to take back to Maine for the winter. Luba would spin the wool from the Korneva Farm sheep and her mother would knit by her side. When Luba told us she wanted to live in the country for the winter, Marty and I wondered what she and her mother would do other than cook, read and split wood. Luba was eager to explore new ideas and the Russian Felted Farm Animals were born.
      This winter the herd expanded to over 20. Luba would announce a new birth with a photo and text, both from her cell phone. These offerings are shown below and we have chosen to present her e-mails unedited so as to guarantee the full flavor of the project. All proceeds of the felting sales will be used to buy firewood for Luba for this coming winter.

Farm Girl with Horse Sold  
Dear Marty,
"When I was a small girl we would go to the country to visit my mother's village.
My uncle would come to meet the train with a cart and horse and the sun would rise."

Farm Girl with Horse... $18.00      4" X 3"

The Licking Cat Sold  
Dear Marty,
"One time in the evening mama told me a long story about her life. I trusted that the story is not by all night.
Cat said me-there is one point more importent than your worred. I stained and need to clean my skin.O!!! "

The Licking Cat... $18.00      4" X 3"

The Spotted Dog Sold  
Dear Marty,
"Here is my spotted dog."

The Spotted Dog... $18.00       4" X 1.5"

The Very Sleepy Kitty Sold  
Dear Marty,
" Next story about sleeping cat.
"My old cat loves to sleep near the stove,not mean what is the time of year, she is thinking all time -it is my place and thank you for your consideration."
My love to all Luba"

The Sleeping Cat... $18.00       4" X 1.5"

Kitty with Extended Paw Sold  

Kitty with Extended Paw... $18.00       5" X 1.5"

Meditating Kitty Sold  

Meditating Kitty... $18.00       5" X 1.5"
The Black Pulling Horse Sold  
"Good day,Marty.
Nessery for me to collect himself. This horse is not simple.She takes my time.I believed two o'clock assure not. There was nothing for it - history. The first I remember history after try to embody. The same place -my lovly village. At the begining June my uncle cut the hay we rake up together and pile up on the cart.Come backing suddenly horse stoped. whats happened. Horse looks underfoot with astonishment add we too-nest ,near 20 hen's aggs.Hen decided will be mother without peoples.We took aggs -thank horse and went to home. I will keep silence may be one week Love all Luba"

The Black Pulling Horse... $18.00

The Green Bull Sold  
Dear Marty
This is a bull,young,not baby,not adult.
In our village every family had many animals-cows,horses,sheeps ... one time was difficult to find the herd and all desided -every people will be herd in my turn.
When the turn has set my uncle told me -let"s go.
Be carefully young bull will be cross with somebody. I had not troubles but
Every time when I try to cange the pasture he did a turning the head my heart sank every time. With love Luba
A good time was for us when we sorted out in the house your fathe

The Green Bull... $18.00

Pink Bull, Spotted Neck, Mongolia Sold  
Dear Marty to felt the cow is more difficult for me than horse My story about Mongolia.We wrer with Sasha 6 month, had a job about reconnaissance the trainway ,lived in steppe in the sleeping car.Nobody near.The first time I saw the cow ,I was very afraid,big,lond wool and cattle.After I understood they were hungry,was a winter,many snow ,it was not normal for that place,cow lives like deer in the north of Russia.Try to find place with green grass under snow and asked the helping from people. With loove to all Luba

Pink Bull, Spotted Neck... $18.00

The Lozshack Horse  
Marty,good day I did photo morning at the street Important for me to know what do you think about my first experiment, interesting for me character of horse Write me all,Luba Sent me photo horse about all side.
This is samall horse I don"no how to English He lives in Moscow soological gardens and take for a drive children so many time when I was small and my children of course it was his mother and grandmother ore father and grandfather I remembered suddenly.
With love to all

The Lozshack Horse... $18.00

Spring Cow Sold  
Dear Marty,
I hope the problem with snow more better or not?
I saw on TV it is so much!
We had a rain yesterday ,to day is snow and litlle frost.
It is more good,many water from river it is not ok for my house.
I send the felting cow, realy, it is my dream about cow for me ,if I could to have. My mama not a good the weather very changed and her health change too.
Every day need more more my time. Thank"s for my friend Gayle Hardy,she writes every day,very interesting and very usfull for my English.She is nice woman.
With love to all Luba

Spring Cow ... $18.00

Red Cow Sold  
Dear Marty
As I am the leading expert of felting horses for me turn out was very difficult to make cow.I hope my sentence is corectly.
I should be unable to felt nothing at the begining.
At last I deside to go from history
Not a big village.The sister of my mother has a cow,cow has a baby, The calf grazes not far from house.He is on the tether.At the end of day aunt told me-lets go and bring the calf,be careful,keep shot cord.I have not time to do shot cord in the moment the calf breacks away I have long cord well in hand ,fell, but did not slacken and calf draged me towards house.Was many dust
With love to all Luba

Red Cow... $18.00

Pink Horse Sold  
Dear Marty
It is a good idea,.For me now one of the important news to know what do you say about quality. I will try to send you all photo my projects. I think it ia not easy to realize all my history in work but very interesting The last horse from popular tales from my childhood My love all Luba

The Pink Horse... $18.00

Luba and Marty at Dacha  

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