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Wholesale Information and Application

Wholesale Criteria
In order to qualify for the wholesale price, your total order, not including postage, must be over $150.00 at the wholesale price.

Full payment must accompany your initial wholesale order.

After your initial order, if you are a yarn shop, school or commercial store, you may pay within 30 days of the date that your subsequent orders are filled.

If you are a wholesale buying group whose primary purpose is not to resell Peace Fleece products, then we ask that you pay at the time of purchase.

Shipping and Handling Outside the Continental USA
For customers from Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico and overseas, we use the postal service unless otherwise instructed. If you request it in the "Comments" section of the shopping cart, we will compute your shipping charge and e-mail it to you in advance.

Shipping and Handling Within the USA
Unless otherwise requested, we use UPS. To ensure proper and speedy delivery, please enclose your correct street, not postal address. UPS will often not deliver to a Post Office Box and charges us extra for a RFD, RR or HC address. If you have any questions on this, please call us prior to ordering.

For those of you ordering felting kits or batting, you may be charged by UPS an oversized fee because the weight is out of proportion to the size of the box, the batting being so light. We have no control over these shipping costs.

Please disregard any shipping costs that may appear on your shopping cart. Wholesale shipping and handlingcosts will be applied to your final invoice and should run approximately as follows: 12% of total order to New England, 15% east of the Mississippi, and 22% west of the Mississippi. But in the final analysis the shipping total will reflect the actual weight and destination of each package. These will be calculated separately by us and applied to your invoice.

Please let us know if your business meets UPS's requirement for a commercial rather than a residential rate (residential means that your business in connected to a dwelling). Unless you meet the commercial definition of a store for UPS, you may also be charged a surcharge if you live in what UPS considers it's rural surcharge area.

In an attempt to keep shipping prices under control, we have begun working with the U.S. Postal Service to see how their prices compare with UPS. Unfortunately the Post Office does not yet have an affordable tracking system for your packages and when you compare the extra cost of insurance, UPS still often seems more cost effective for larger packages. But whenever we can, we will ship to you the least expensive way unless you advise differently.

Note on Handling Costs We are constantly being hit with new shipping charges, challenging our patience and forcing us to pass on these costs to you. The price of our shipping and handling covers our real costs for this service and nothing more.

The wholesale price for our products is based on the items as they sit on the shelf ready for packaging. We do not hide our shipping costs in our products. If you were to come to our store and purchase what you want as some folks do, there would be no handling and obviously no shipping charge. But once we receive your written or phoned in order and begin the paperwork and packaging, we bill you $14.00/hour, which is the true cost of that employee's labor. If you have any comments or suggestions as to how we might improve on this system, please call us.

Let us know how we can help your store, school or buying group sell Peace Fleece. We have knit up samples that you may borrow for six weeks at a time, videos of our work in Russia and a display book we are in the process of making. For those in the New England area, we also present a multi-media program to stores, knitting groups and schools for a modest fee.

Please feel free to call us at 1-800-482-2841 (1-207-625-4906 outside US) or e-mail us at Office hours are between 9-3 EST, Tuesday-Friday.

Thank you for choosing Peace Fleece, Marty Tracy and Peter Hagerty

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