Navajo Churro and Alpaca Hand Spun Yarn

Hand Spun Yarn by Irene Bennalley

New shipment of Alpaca and bulky Churro yarns now in stock 6/16!



Navajo Yarns

Irene spinning  

Irene is a Navajo spinner and weaver who raises Navajo Churro sheep, Texas/Navajo Angora cross goats, cattle, llamas, alpacas, cats and 17 delightful dogs on her ranch in Two Gray Hills, NM.

Irene has a deep love for animals and in the spring you can find baby goats and lambs scampering into her house looking for their bottlefed meals.

  Alpaca Yarn  

Alpaca yarn is very soft to the touch but also has the added benefit of high tensile strength. It would be excellent for lacework shawls and scarves and hats. The four natural colors offered are very saturated and vivid, especially the Fawn and Chocolate Brown.

Each skein is hand spun by Irene is 2 ply and approx. 4oz.


  Alpaca Chocolate Brown  
2 ply / 200yds / approx. 4oz.
 Price: $30.00   Quantity   
  Fawn Alpaca Yarn  
2 ply / 200yds / approx. 4oz.
 Price: $30.00   Quantity   
  Alpaca Gray YArn  
2 ply / 200yds / approx. 4oz.
 Price: $30.00   Quantity   
  Alpaca White Yarn  
2 ply / 200yds / approx. 4oz.
 Price: $30.00   Quantity   
  Churro Yarn  

Churro is a Navajo breed of sheep - a very rugged and tough animal suited to the windy plains of the Southwest. The yarn makes for a strong and lasting garment but may not be soft enough for making scarves or hats.

Churro Sheep

Churro Bulky Yarn
1 Ply / 5 oz.
 Price: $23.00      Sold Out!


Photo by Michael Bennav


Tajik woman twisting her finished yarn skein


Irene shearing

Irene shearing (above) and sorting the wool (below)

Irene sorting