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Chicken Egg Cover Kit  

Tiny covers knit from Peace Fleece DK Sport with felted combs, beaks, eyes and wattles.
They melt hearts wherever they go.
Kit comes with enough supplies to make 6 egg covers. Three of the yarn colors are hand-dyed by Marty to give a speckled effect. Pattern calls for # 2 needles.

This project is for the knitter who likes to make tiny things.

Kit includes: pattern, 6 yarn balls (3 Peace Fleece colors and 3 hand dyed Peace Fleece), batting for beaks, combs, eyes and wattles, 2 felting needles. Hand dyed colors may vary.

Not included: #2 knitting needles, thread, sewing needles.

 Price: $17.50   Quantity Ordering Temporarily Unavailable.

 Price: $17.50 Quantity Ordering Temporarily Unavailable.