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Pete's choice: Baghdad Blue, Baltic Blue and Samantha/Katya Pink

Solid color option in Baikal/Superior Green

Dan's Choice: Sheplova Mushroom, Patience Blue (Siberian Midnight is shown in the picture but is no longer available) and Tundra

Siberian Woodsman Sweater Specifications
Siberian Woodsman Sweater Kit  

This is a fitted yet roomy style sweater. The Adult Unisex sizes may be knit in a 3-color combination or in a solid color. We designed this sweater years ago during the Cold War with the Soviet Union. The kit comes with the very beautiful and powerful poem "Ode to a Siberian Woodsman" by Wendell Berry.

Mr. Berry writes in 1985 of his mental image of a Russian woodcutter living in the Siberian forest and asks silently of this woodsman far away "Who has appointed me such anger that I should desire the burning of your house or the destruction of your children?"

After 20 years of living here on our farm and running Peace Fleece we are happy to say that Russia and the United States have not destroyed each other and that our family has been blessed by knowing and caring for so many new friends that were strangers in 1985.

Finished chest Sizes 38-50.Lengths, 25-29". Recommended needle sizes, #5 and #7.

Adam's Choice (not shown, please imagine):Grasshopper, Grassroots and Baikal Superior Green

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