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Soaker Kits for Babies  Picture #1 was sent to us by the Youngblood family - such great color choices, they are a huge inspiration!

Peace Fleece Natural Soaker Kits for Babies feature Peace Fleece yarn dyed with local vegetable products from Maine using only alum to ensure color fastness. One and a half skeins of naturally dyed worsted weight accompanies a free soaker pattern designed by Michelle Guilmet-Buck who has been enthusiastically knitting soakers with Peace Fleece for several years. She is a talanted and creative designer who is generously letting us pass along these patterns to you free of charge.

We have been doing some natural dyeing here in Porter, Maine and are happy to offer you a limited amount of these kits.

"I use cloth diapers on my infant twins exclusively and have used a wide variety of cloth diapers and covers. I have found the Peace Fleece soakers to blow the rest of the covers out of the water. They are terrific at keeping my babies' bums nice and dry as they seem to wick away the moisture while keeping their clothes dry as well. I wish we had known about them from the start." ...Gina Fiori

Soaker on left in picture 2 is Peace Fleece white natural dyed with local vegetable products and alum, soaker on the right is standard Peace Fleece Shaba Green and Periwinkle

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