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Peace Fleece Batting Antarctica White  

White Fleece

Natural white.

For years scientists have worked together and shared research in Antarctica. Seventeen nations, including the U.S. and Russia, have signed a treaty which specifically states that Antarctica shall be used for peaceful purposes only.

Note on wet felting from a valued customer:
"I love Peace Fleece wool batting for needle-felting. The colors are rich and beautiful and the wool very easy to use, especially for beginners. Some of the colors have more mohair (such as antartica white, lily pad and chickie masla..) and are more suitable for needle-felting than wet-felting. The mohair may extrude as long, transparent fuzz from the wool surface with wet-felting. These colors also attach less well to other wool and separate into their own layers in wet-felting. The antartica white batting is more slippery as well but they all needle-felt well."
- Jzin, Castle of Costa Mesa

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