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Baby sweater by Heather Arps made with Seamoss, Lena's Meadow and White.
Lena's Meadow  Soft pale green with lilac and moss green flecks.

Lena's Meadow has been discontinued. We are sorry to see it go but are excited about making room for new Peace Fleece colors.


Our old friend and neighbor Lena who lived till she was 95 kept a watch on our newborn lambs every year as they danced about her meadow.

75% Merino/Ramboullet Wool, 25% Mohair

Medium weight yarn, 2 ply, approx. 200 yards per 4 oz. skein. With washing and wear the yarn will develop a soft halo revealing the mohair content.

4 oz. worsted weight skein
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1/2 oz. worsted weight yarn
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