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Choose from four different yarn weights

Shawl knit by Jenny Woods from one skein of fingering weight

Combing fiber from the goat

Each skein comes with a tag featuring the story of the woman who spun it.
Cashgora Hand Spun Yarn  

In January 2016 four women from Tajikistan arrived in the United States, a few blocks from Times Square no less. Oigul, Tuluikhon, Jonnamo and Shahlo are hand spinners and produce beautifully even, soft and luxurious yarn made from the Cashgora goats that they raise and comb the down fleece from. After they visited the Vogue Knitting Show in NY we had a fantastic time meeting them all and taking them around to tour different fiber related businesses in Maine. You can see photos and read more about their trip by clicking here. If you would like to know more about the project behind the women and their yarn please visit

We are pleased to offer this Tajik hand spun Cashgora yarn to you now. 70% of the proceeds will go back to the project which pays the women a fair wage.

We have categorized the skeins into four different yarn weights - Worsted, DK, Sport and Fingering. Stock is limited. The color is natural silver/brown as it came off the goats.

All skeins are approx. 100 grams/3.5 oz regardless of yardage.

Please click here to read bios and see photos of all the Tajik hand spinners. Every skein of Cashgora will come with a tag featuring the woman who spun it.

100 g/3.5 oz

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