Luba's Russian Felted Farm Friends



    Luba and her family have been our close friends in Russia for almost two decades. Since we first met in 1989, she and her husband Sasha opened their home to us and it was through their eyes and those of their extended family that we slowly began to learn about the complexities of Russian society and family life


  Slide Show of the Dacha   The pechka (Fireplace)   felting at the Dacha  

Slide Show of the Dacha


The Fireplace


Felting at the Dacha


Luba's Videos

Luba's Videos


Watch Luba's helping cats video

Helping Cats

Much Snow Video

Much Snow

Milking the Goat called Dasha

Milking the Goat

Luba introduces her new felts for 2013

New Felts 2013

1941 video


Baba Nadia

Baba Nadia


Felted Creations from Luba




Luba used to make needle felted sculptures that we would sell for her. Sadly, life has become much harder and busier and she no longer has time to make them for us. Here are some of her past creations for your viewing pleasure. Many of them are memories from Luba's childhood.


Cat in Mirror Cow and Haystack Rooster
Stallion Yellow Chicks Ducks
Luba's self portrait Ram Resting Cat


Baba Tatiana


 For many years Tatania would make hand made socks for us to take back to Maine for the winter. Luba would spin the wool from the Korneva Farm sheep and her mother would knit by her side. When Luba told us she wanted to live in the country for the winter, Marty and I wondered what she and her mother would do other than cook, read and split wood. Luba was eager to explore new ideas and the Russian Felted Farm Animals were born.


Luba and Sasha

Luba and Marty at Dacha


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