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Peace Fleece Gauge Alert:  
We urge you to check your gauge before beginning a project as there are some variations in our yarn. Solid colors tend to be thicker than heathers, and flecked yarns are a little thinner.
A suggested needle size for any given pattern may not be the correct size for your knitting style or chosen yarn.
Yes, gauge swatches hold up our knitting projects. But they do help to ensure that the garments that we take such care in knitting will fit well which, in the end, enhances our pleasure in knitting.

Suggested gauge: For Peace Fleece worsted weight, 4 sts/inch on a #8 needle and approximately 4 oz./200 yards. For Peace Fleece DK sport weight, 5 sts/inch on a #6 needle and approximately 4 oz./350 yards.                 
Yarn and Batting Content
Peace Fleece skeins and batting contain various blends of wool and mohair. Our older dyelots are a mix of Ohio and Romanian wool and 30% mohair. Yarn colors spun last fall; marigold, phoebe, porterfield plum, brownie with nuts, indigo smoke, and wild mustard, are a blend of fine wools from Cottage Hill Farm in Ohio, the Cook Farm on the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota and Texas Mohair (10%.) Last Spring we produced three lots; rabbit grey, anna's grasshopper, and father's grey combining 20% Texas Mohair, 80% Cottage Hill Farm, the Cook Farm, and Navajo fine wool. Our next blend of yarns will include Arizona Navajo fine wool in all colors.
Vegetable Matter
Peace Fleece skeins contain a small amount of vegatable matter. These tiny bits of dried grass and flowers come from the pastures of South Dakota, Ohio and Texas. We have chosen not to rid the yarn of this vegetation by "carbonizing" - a process where the wool is dipped in sulphuric acid. We hope that our customers will choose our yarn because it is free of this chemical and won't mind taking the time to pick out the flecks of vegetation.
Dye and Paint Standards
For more information on the safety of the dyes in our yarns and the paints on our wooden buttons and knitting needles please go to:Peace Fleece Safety Standards
Washing Our Yarns
It is amazing what washing does for our yarns! Here are two skeins of white from the same dye lot - the skein on the left is unwashed and the right hand skein was briefly washed with mild soap and warm water. The yarn becomes much softer and whiter with the mohair taking on a life of it's own. Give it a try with your next Peace Fleece knitting project, of course taking care not to felt it. You will be pleasantly surprised with the result!