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Much Snow



Hello my friend.This is our small peace land with house.Me and my husbend.much snow in this winter,now is April but you can to see- how much snow.buaytiful picture.Our garden with bushes of currants.I dig out from under the snow and use the hot water from vermin.My felting thong are on the snow with ,bright colors against the snow.This is memory from my childhood from village.There was a lot of work and a lot of fun.We have used the cart on two wheels, brought hay with distant.Of course ,we have played in the same time,sometimes overturned.The second song-our small house,morning ,we screaming run away into the yard. Chickens fly on the fence, ducklings run away.Next picture-our house,ladder on the wall for various things.and the way in the snow.Shot story,one day.

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