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Luba introduces her newest felted creations



My felting things are from childhood.We live in Moscow,but all summer we were in the small village with my grandmother.One of the best pictures are from my life in the village.For example-duck is siting near the fence.This is duck-papa,beautiful feathers,we found feather and made something for the game.Next -duck-mama with ducklings.She took a care about babys,but sometime led ducklings on the pond and did not come back home long time.Babyes want to eat,mama does not want to come back.We took the old trough and swam as on the boats very carefully.We did environment.The duck was in the abusive mood,but came back at home.I love cats,we live now at the suburb of Moscow all time,in the winter many cats come to me and my job is to keep all.Thanks my all friends,they help me because it is not easy job.My next felting compositions are about cats.Old cat sat near the kitten and big suprise for him-.Sleep at the floor ,is it not cold?-I use the warm shawl and I have a sensationof cold.-Next young cat will be going to go for a walk and have seen at the mirror.Who is this?Me?So beautiful picture!And at last-cat want to knit,but he can not it.What is a pity!And the sixth composition -my granddaughter Sonya ,she lives in Ghana now ,her father is from Ghana,the family of my daughter Ann live in Ghana.I miss very ,very.We sit on the stove(it is my dream) and are singing.At the end of this story-my fantasy-we have so mush snow in this winter and wait much is necessery to bild boat with red color,easy to watch us,Luba and cats and my husbend pulls boat,he is not visible!

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