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Grandmother (Baba) Nadia at home


Translation by Luba

Grandmama Nadia lives in small village near Moscow.

Was born in 1932 years, 4 children in a family when war has begun.

The father has made the new house and stove before war. He has sent last letter from hospital.

1942 in the winter. They have received the notice, hospital have destroyed by bombing. The father was lost.

In Russia we have a memory book. Names of all victims are written down in the book.

The house is pure and cozy, old stove where don't prepare anything now and a cat sleeps only.

She was married. She has two children, a son and daughter.They adults and live in other places.

Lena is neighbor, had come to visit to day.

The old stove is behind, only for heat now. In the past time, the bread was baked in the oven.

Now is the place for cat sometime.

The big room is the place for resting and sleeping and watch TV, a lot of serials.

She has not much time for TV serials. She is hard working woman. Clean house, clean walks.

Old clocks with cuckoo. Ku-ku-ku-every hour. Her world, her life.

Her beautiful house.

We love you, Baba Nadia.

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