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Knitter's Comments about Peace Fleece

Dear Marty,
  Great Russian Drop Spindle. I have one and it spins better than some $40 ones. I have bought about 50 spindles this year and yours is the one I use most often.

Dear Peace Fleece Folks,
  I just received Lisa's hand dyed "blue lagoon" yarn and it is so lovely-- I am currently at work on a zipfront vest with your Autumn Splendor yarn. Had gotten it a while ago but tore my rotator cuff and haven't been able to knit for quite a while. Am enjoying this luscious yarn--what a wonderful "hand" it has. Keep up the good work and know that it is really appreciated.
Sincerely a fan -- Julie

Hi Peace Fleece,
  I just found your website from a tangled web of links and sat up one night till 1 in the morning reading every word on every page, laughing and crying and getting back a lost perspective on just what is important in the world. I want to thank you for that and tell you how very much your work matters. I suppose you know that by now and's still important to celebrate your good work, i think.

Anyway, i realize you all must be very busy recouping after the holidays, but is there any chance you'd have time to post some updates? Especially on the folks in Russia? Thanks for your time and i wish you and everyone who touches peace fleece a good and healing year ahead...
best wishes, Caroline

Dear Peter,
  In 1987 I first heard of your Peace Fleece operation. Having spent my childhood on Vinalhaven, I was attracted doubly: sheep, yarn, knitting, Maine, island, peaceful partnerships with "enemies." These were all parts of my life, too, and I contacted you. We even spoke on the phone, as I remember. I was taking a year off from my nurse-practitioner career, living on an island in Washington (where I now live, retired) and working in a yarn store for the sheer pleasure of it. I persuaded the owner of the shop to stock peace fleece and loved telling people about it.

We donated a kit of yours to the Island Medical Center auction; I knit the sweater for the winner (a non-knitter) who was pleased. I had completely forgotten the whole incident (I have forgotten so many sweaters I have made; I am surprised when I see one from years ago.)

Last week a woman called me, said the shop owner (Julie,same woman as 1987) gave her my name and number. She had a couple of sweaters to be repaired and Julie doesn't like to do such, and thought perhaps I would. So I did.

The sweater to be repaired was the very same Peace Fleece Cardigan; I still had the leftover yarn in my bins! It has been worn long and hard, obviously a favorite garment. I lies now stretched back into shape and drying. My hands enjoyed the rebirthing of this sweater. Nothing like restoring one's faith in the enduring stuff, right? So I looked up Peace Fleece online this morning...and here you are, still waging peace with others. Hooray for you, for them. I had to tell you this story to reconnect properly.

Dear Peace Fleece,
  About a year ago I ordered several knitting kits from you. I am currently living and working in Peru. My husband and I teach at international schools overseas. This is the 3rd country we have lived in and we have been out of the US for nine years. I teach knitting as an after school activity---I just love knitting!

I just wanted to thank-you for all your efforts and your great products. I have been knitting sweaters for kids for gifts and the parents and kids just love them! My friends love the color of your wool and the feel (as well as myself).

Knitting away in Lima, Nancy

  I just received my recent order from Peacefleece, and I wanted to thank you for being both a provider of wonderful yarn that I love knitting with AND a business that I admire. Thanks so much.

I must tell you a story about your yarn. I was home one day in Minneapolis Minnesota. It must have been in 1986 or so ... I was watching the TODAY show on NBC (if I recall correctly) and saw a story about Peace Fleece. I was immediately inspired by your company. It was about that time that Gorbechev made a visit to the Twin Cities.

I was very interested in your mission and your products, so I quickly wrote down information about your organization to contact you. I called my mother-in-love "Edna" (my life partner's mother) in New Hampshire to ask how much yarn I would need to have her knit a sweater for me. She told me the proper amount, and I ordered Volgasippi Blue to be delivered directly to Edna.

Edna called me once the yarn had arrived and told me it was beautiful yarn. She then told me her youngest daughter "Cleo" wanted to knit the sweater for me. I thought that was a great idea.

About that time Cleo and Edna were having issues with their relationship. For several years following, Cleo would have nothing to do with her mother. I was sad for these problems, but felt I had no business involving myself in the peace-making effort between them.

My sweater was lost somewhere in the shuffle.

As time passed, Edna's and Cleo's relationship improved. One of the things that surfaced during the patching up of their relationship was my unfinished sweater. It turns out that Cleo didn't have the skills to finish the collar on the seater. She turned it over to her mother to finish the collar.

I think your Peace Fleece was instrumental in repairing a bad relationship between mother and daughter, and I thank you very much for that.

God bless your peace-making efforts!

Dear Peace Fleece,
  Over the years your company and wonderful vision and products keep coming into my life of their own accord. First, it was a Peace Fleece felting kit I received as a gift when my daughter Kalliope was about 2 years old. I have vivid memories of exploring felting for the very first time with my daughter and mother. The experience of having my fingers surrounded by those rich colors, and the wonderful feel and smell of the lanolin, with the new Mexico desert as our backdrop. My mother and I are inveterate knitters, but it was our first foray into felting (and certainly not the last!)

Next, I bought a large bagful of yarn oddments at a second hand store. It was mostly acrylics, but nestled way down into the bottom I discovered one lovely skein of pink flecked wool, and lo and behold, there was the peace fleece label wrapped around it. I have recently rediscovered that skein, which I was saving for just the right project, and I am now using it to knit some children's hats to donate to Afghans for Afghans. Finally, I read your story in KnitLit. I am so impressed not only by your dream, but your ability to actually implement your vision (and create something beautiful and useful in the process!) I'm wondering how business is going for you, and I hope that you will be able to continue what you're doing for a long time to come.

I myself am an educator and a mom, and a world traveler. My background is in English as a Second Language. I have spent time training teachers at a refugee camp in Thailand, teaching English to inner city Dominican kids, and much more. But one of my deepest passions has always been knitting and wonderful wools, and I have always dreamed about finding ways to combine that love more fully into my life. I think that's why the Peace Fleece>story resonates so strongly with have actually done that. Good for you.

I have two questions for you. First, I currently live in Rockalnd County New York (Hudson Valley area, near Bear Mountain.) I'm wondering whether you have any distributors in the area - or is your yarn only available through your website?

Secondly, I'm not sure where exactly in Maine you're located, but I spend alot of time in Maine (my father lives in the Brunswick area), and I'm wondering whether you accept visitors. I'd love to see your operation, and have Kalliope (who is now 8 and has inherited my passion for beautiful wool) see it too.

If you have a mailing list I'd love to be put on it. Keep up the great work.
Sincerely, Betsy

Dear peace fleece,
  i am neew to the computer and am now able to search on the internet. i was happy to see your company is still in existence. i ordered yarn for a sweater from you several years ago. it so happened at the time i was invited to participate in a weaving project in which we were each weaving a blanket to send to some people in russia that were having a difficult time with the cold and poverty. i wove some of your yarn in the blanket and then sent it with the others to russia. i just wanted to share this story with you to let you know of the full circle journey your yarn and efforts for peace traveled.
sincerely, leeann

  just want you to know how nice the drop spindle is, i have little use of my left hand and had difficulty w/ drop spindles until I received this. It is very special...

Dear Peter and Marty,
  For the past hour or so, I have been visiting your website reading your letters and shedding some tears and then consoling myself by looking at each yarn color and enjoying the descriptions of the combinations of color and why they are named as they are. I have knit often since 9/11 simply to get myself centered again. The world is so full of hurts often inflicted almost without any intension to hurt - just being thoughtless as to how we make others feel. That is not worded very well, but please try to understand what I am trying to say. I have been thinking about this all winter. Then I received some copies of my one room grade school group pictures (central Illinois) and immediately the same old feelings were as fresh as if it were yesterday. I am sorry to say that I too probably hurt others, and I too carry scars from words that were said. For the life of me I cannot understand why we do that and why we never learn from each others' mistakes.

A ray of hope was shining though as the Olympics closed last night after a mostly peaceful gathering of people of all creeds and races. Thank God. Anyway, I keep knitting away out here. I've recently learned that my trademark here on the island is my Lighthouse vest which I wear most of the time. Maybe you don't remember, but I started out making a pair of socks, then changed them into the vest.

Just a few minutes ago I ordered a paper catalog. There are several people here with whom I share those - actually, I would like to have two! Your yarns are so beautiful and I do enjoy telling their story when people ask me about my vest. They are also very warm! and look almost as good as when I first finished it. I do appreciate all your efforts toward peace making as well as yarn making.
Bless your hearts. Mary Ellen